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Increase character limit for Zuora charge descriptions in Salesforce so they don't get truncated

Zuora has a character limit of 500 set for the charge description field, however, in Salesforce the Product Rate Plan Charge and Quote Rate Plan Charge Description fields are text area (255) meaning that any descriptions saved in Zuora will be truncated when sent to Salesforce.


We already think that a maximum character limit of 500 is too low but in reality the limit is set at 255 as we generate all quotes in Salesforce and it uses the truncated values.


The Product Description and Product Rate Plan Description fields both have Text Area Long fields (still capped at 500 in Zuora) so surely this can be modified for the Product Rate Plan Charge Description.


Failing that the ability to create a custom text field that is greater than 255 characters that we can sync to Salesforce would be much appreciated.