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Re: Generating a PDF quote is dramatically slow - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Generating a PDF quote is dramatically slow

It takes around 10s to generate the PDF file from z-quote
Why is it so slow ?
Could you improve the speed ?


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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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I agree - this is painfully slow!

This has been one of the major complaints from our users. The PDF generation is very slow. It was around 15 Seconds while we were on v 6.43 of Zuora quotes. After moving to V 8.0 it is around 20s.


@rahulranjan We are seeing around 10 seconds quote generation time on v8.4 (latest as of this writing). The PDF generation is not actually tied to the version of Quotes you are using. It is a web service from Zuora that uses APIs to retrieve the data from Salesforce. Its timing depends on a) The complexity of your template, b) The number and depth of fields queried from your template. and c) the current response times of Salesforce itself.


I too would like to see PDF generation be a little snappier, but wanted to lend some context as to what contributes to longer PDF generation times.

@feisley . Thank you for your inputs . That's what my assumption was around the PDF generation service not being tied to the Version. We are looking at the quotes and how we can improve..


One of the things you can easily check is when you upload the template, Zuora will warn you about font inconsistencies that may result in poor performance. But if your Quote PDFs generate in under 10 seconds I would say thats about as fast as you can go under the current framework. Also remember that there is some dependency on the responsiveness of Salesforce's API. When the PDF generator runs at Zuora, it makes API calls out to Salesforce to retrieve the fields from the Quote.