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Re: Enhance Email Notification for Z-Force Sync

Enhance Email Notification for Z-Force Sync

Feature Request: Enhance Email Notification for Z-Force Sync

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: PMT-1271

Business Need: Whether the sync result is ""Failed"" or ""Finished"", users will get the same format of email notification (similar to attached file). Customer will be directed to open the UI page to check if the sync failed or not. Using the same email notification template for will not allow customers to filter notification types.


Sync Email Notification .png

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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1. It should also allow to configure the email address the notifications need to go to, not simply to the last person touched it.

2. In case Zuora cannot connect to SFDC for whatever reason, there is no notification generated at all to let user know that failure has happened. I believe it should still notify the user.

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This will be considered in our new Configurable Sync architecture which is on the long term roadmap.