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Re: Enable the Guided Product Selector for Admins only

Enable the Guided Product Selector for Admins only

This would help a lot - to configure and test Guided Product Selector in Production & assign it to certain users only.

Also in some cases Product catalog in Sandbox is out-dated, so now we need to manually create the same products in Zuora Sandbox and do the tests there.. having this fetaure in Production would be great!


This can technically be done with profiles + layouts since the button that routes users to the classic selector vs the new CPQ selector can be differentiated based on the layout. Additionally the VisualForce preview pages shown can also be differentiated by layouts.


I admit this is a bit cumbersome as there are already quite a few layouts in play... (New, Amend, Renew, and read only versions of each thereof)


Another idea would be to write a small VisualForce page that your quote linked to via button and visualforce elements that employed some logic to pick which page to route the user to via redirect (classic vs CPQ). I have not fully evaluated the feasability of this, but it would be worth a look.


Another tip if as an admin you want to preview the new selector in production...


Change the URL of the classic selector from:





(notice the added "Cpq" at the beginning. This simple change will let you see the new selector in action without any changes to your prod config.