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Editing of Product Features Identifies Quotes that are impacted

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Editing of Product Features Identifies Quotes that are impacted

When you are using product features and you change the features within a product you impact open quotes in Salesforce.  When these features are changed and you go to view a quote that contains the product where the feature changed, an error is received.

Supports response is to enable the 'Allow Feature Changes in Subscriptions option' which allows end-users to adjust features within the quotes, which is not desirable.


Once the features are changed, we need to go into those open quotes and remove the product and add it back in manually, which is extremely time comsuming and not something that we support going forward.  There is not a report that you can run to show you the quotes where the features do not match with the current products features.


Could there be a feature that when a product feature is changed, that a prompt or report would show you the open quotes that are impacted?  This way we could become aware of the downstream changes?


Better yet - when the changes are made, that there is an option to automatically update any open quotes to update to match the current product features.