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Re: Consistently provide tax for quote templates

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Consistently provide tax for quote templates

As per ticket #146724, there is currently no field to calculate tax per billing period.  The only tax field is per the PREVIEWED period, but for mid-cycle amendments, this does not indicate on period's tax.  There is the MRR per billing period so it should have a matching tax/mrr field.

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For anyone who can't access the ticket: My name is Saryu and I am working with Jyoti on the ticket. After reviewing the use - case we ONLY have a single field zqu_Previewed_Tax_c which returns the value for the total no of billing periods. Please note the metrics are returned from Core Zuora and hence when we make a preview call these metrics are returned. At the moment the core app does not consist of a monthly tax field like MRR but the field we have consists of the tax amount for the billing periods ! As this would be a requirement, If you feel that your idea would be beneficial and would like to convey this to our product team, I would recommend submitting a request for enhancement under our Community ‘Product Ideas’: http://community.zuora.com/t5/Ideas/ct-p/Ideas. You can post your feature request and solicit direct input from the Product Management Team. You can also vote on features and post comments. The Product Management Team actively monitors the community and provides updates on feature requests when available. In addition to our community, we have a quarterly product roadmap webinar delivered by the Product Management team. In this webinar, you will learn about our upcoming plans for feature development. To enroll, you can sign up here. Our Product Management Team is very active on the community and definitely take part in the discussion on the requirements to make the product better! Please let me know!