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Allow Billing Timing to be put on Quote Template

I need to show my customers whether their charges are billing In Advance or In Arrears on the Mail Merge Quote Templates.


The Billing Timing field is currently not supported according to: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CA_Commerce/C_Zuora_Quotes/G_Zuora_Quotes_Configuration_Settings/D....

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you should be able to specify this field as per the instructions at the top of the linked article: "An alternative to specifying a merge field as given in the first column of the below tables, you can specify an API name of the field from the second column. For example, <<Quote.AmendmentName>> can be also specified as <<Quote.zqu__Amend_Name__c>> as zqu__Amend_Name__c is the API name of the corresponding field."