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Re: Add the ability to end charges in Salesforce CPQ after x billing periods

Add the ability to end charges in Salesforce CPQ after x billing periods

In Zuora it is possible to configure charges to end after x billing periods but that option isn't available when configuring the product catalog in Salesforce and using it on Salesforce CPQ quotes and contracts. It would make it an option to have a negative recurring charge that ends after x billing periods instead of a discount line item which Salesforce CPQ does not support. I understand this may cause an issue with the quote calculations on the Salesforce CPQ side but it's easier to push that as an issue to them but still have Zuora and the connector support it.

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You mean the ability to sync discount charges in the product catalog?

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Hi @grayjoa


In Zuora, the end date can be set using the Charge End Date Condition, to either Subscription End, Fixed Period, or Specific End Date. Is this the field you are referring to?




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@eric-neto Yes, the end date for a charge can be set to align with the subscription end date or a fixed period after the charge is triggered, then you can specify the value of x and whether its billing periods, days, weeks, months, years. We need to be able to specify that from salesforce.

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Not sure if it will work for your use case, but a possible workarpound could be to override this value at the time of Contracting in all cases. Salesforce provides some capabilities to store the mapping and it would be easy to build this logic into the Orders plugin if you are on the Orders stack.