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Re: New Zuora Homepage = Easier Navigation

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Our homepage is getting a makeover! With the new homepage, you can quickly access different shortcuts within Zuora Central from customer accounts to payments to the Connect Marketplace. You'll see the new homepage in the coming days - stay tuned!


@JustinLi This is exciting!  Will Zuora Sandbox be updated before production is updated?  Would like our team to be able to view the new UI prior to the production release.

Great to see progress on the UI.  Dissapointed not to see a global search on the new home page as that is a missing link to expediate many UXs.


@JustinLi, I agree with @TalbotMcInnis that global search would be nice sooner rather than later.

Zuora Staff

Thanks for the comments and questions!  @ehavens, yes, Zuora sandbox will be updated with the new homepage before Zuora production is updated with it.  And @TalbotMcInnis, we do also want to improve searchability, including offering a global search.  We weren't able to include that in this update, but did want to go ahead and provide the improved navigation and nicer look and feel.  Rest assured, we are still working on better search, and will bring it to you as soon as we can.  Thanks again!


@Rachel or @JustinLi Is the Homepage change included in the August 230 Release?  Production release window for US Production release: from 8/15/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 8/20/2018 (Monday) PT?