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German VAT Reduction Workflow Workshop (presented in English)

Zuora Staff

German VAT Reduction Workflow Workshop (presented in English)

As you may already know, in light of the challenges introduced by the ongoing pandemic, the German government recently agreed to a new round of fiscal support for the economy. Part of the new support program is a €20 billion Value-added Tax (VAT) reduction. 


VAT rates were reduced temporarily from 1 July through 31 December, 2020. The standard VAT rate will go from 19 % to 16 % and the reduced rate from 7 % to 5 %.

So how will your accounting/finance teams handle this change? What do you need to do to correct any previously invoiced customers? 


Join us Wednesday 29th of July 1pm CET  for a workshop and learn:

  • How to adjust tax rates within Zuora 
  • Ways to correct customer invoices for goods or services, at scale
  • The most popular pre-built workflows to help you efficiently manage your business and support your customers during this time

Should we count you in? 


Register here: https://zuora.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYpc-6ppjosH9WW1G7iDeeLFcESAmZFj5Ab 


If you think other members of your team would also benefit, please feel free to share!


Caleb Saunders | Senior Customer Success Architect

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