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Add File Upload (CSV) Support for Workflows Triggered via API

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Add File Upload (CSV) Support for Workflows Triggered via API

Support for the Files objectsuch as uploading a CSV—has been such a welcomed addition to Zuora Workflow! As we branch out, looking to automate more of our Workflows, we hit a hurdle. We cannot trigger a Workflow remotely (via API) if it requires a Files object to be uploaded (e.g. CSV file), yet uploading a CSV is definitely supported via the Workflow UI.


Triggering via API is great, and I've been successful doing so from Postman, etc, but I am hoping we can extend support for File uploads in order to remotely trigger Workflows that require a Files object as input. Postman supports this, but I was not satisfy on Zuora's end without this error:


Status: 406 Not Acceptable


NOTE: This is a cross-post from the Zuora board, per the recommendation from the Zuora SME team: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Workflow/Triggering-Workflows-Leveraging-File-Uploads-CSV-via-API/gpm...

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Thanks for the idea! Let me move this to the Workflow Ideas area so that the team over there can review it.