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Shrink operation error

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Re: Shrink operation error


When activating an amendment, an error, The shrink operation can only applied after the charge last change. is thrown.

This error occurs in the following scenarios.

  1. A 'Terms and Conditions' amendment changes the Term End Date to a date that is PRIOR to the effective dates of the previous amendment(s).  For example, the subscription's current term is 07/01/2015 - 07/31/2015.  The subscription's charge was updated via an Update a Product amendment with effective dates = 07/15/2015.  User then creates a Terms and Conditions amendment to change the subscription's current term to 06/01/2015 - 06/30/2015.  This error would be thrown because the new term end date 06/30/2015 is earlier than the effective dates, 07/15/2015, of the previous amendment.
  2. An 'Update a Product' amendment changes a rate plan that is being processed by another non-Active amendment.  For example, one user creates an amendment to update rate plan A under a subscription and has not activated the amendment.  A second user creates another amendment to remove this rate plan from the same subscription.  When the second user tries to activate his/her amendment, this error would occur.  This is because rate plan A is being processed by the first user's amendment.



  1. In this scenario, you will have to delete the previous amendment(s) that have the effective dates after the new Term End Date.
  2. In our recent release, Zuora has added a validation to make sure that user cannot create a second amendment if it is 'Update a Product' or 'Remove a Product' one when there is already a non-active amendment which is also  'Update a Product' or 'Remove a Product.'  If your amendments were created before our release, you would need to delete the non-active amendment first before you can activate the other amendment.

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