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Re: Setting Term Start Date on New Subscription


Setting Term Start Date on New Subscription

I'm trying to understand how the Term Start Date could be different than the Contract Effective date on a new subscription. I'm reviewing a couple active subscprtion and see that they have a Contract Effective of "2018-09-07" and the Term Start Dtae is "2018-08-28". How is this possible? There was not a term amendment made to this subscrirption either.  


I reviewed this article but still cannot figure out where you would actually specify the Term Start date when creating / setting dates of the new subscription: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/WA_Dates_in_Zuora/B_Subscription_and_Amendment_Dates



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Re: Setting Term Start Date on New Subscription

You can optionally specify the Term Start Date when creating a subscription using either the Zuora UI or the API. If you don't specify a Term Start Date then Term Start Date is automatically set to be the Contract Effective Date. In the UI on the subscription creation screen click on the 'Additional fields' link, two new fields will appear, Subscription Name and Term Start Date. Similar to Term Start Date if you don't specify a Subscription Name Zuora will create one automatically, hence the A-S12345678 subscription names. Again you specify your own value, Zuroa will check for uniqueness but you can call a subscription anything you'd like. 


The APIs support both these fields as optional also.