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More than 9 add/update/remove changes in one request

The documentation for Update Subscription




clearly states, that


In one request, this call can make:

  • Up to 9 combined add, update, and remove changes

How do I circumvent this? I have some scenarios with up to 14 add calls for a single subscription and would like to avoid splitting them on two Update Subscriptino calls.

Support SME

Re: More than 9 add/update/remove changes in one request



Could you please provide me below details to furthe analyse the scenario:


- Business case on have more than 9 amendments and frequencey of same.

- As I can see you are using REST API, please let me know if this is an integration system you are building here.

- What speicifc issue you facing if splitting is needed.


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Savvy Scholar

Re: More than 9 add/update/remove changes in one request

I opened a support ticket and was adviced to use https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Action_POSTamend. Looks to work fine. Now I'm awaiting the result of another support ticket, where I have asked to have the maximun number of operations in single call increased from 10 to 20. Look forward to test that out!


Kind regards + thanks for asking.