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Re: Merging Subscriptions

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Merging Subscriptions

We often times have situations where there are multiple teams at a company that individually buy our subscription. So for example a Bank can have 5 different accounts with us and 5 different subscriptions.

Often times we get called up and they ask us to renew 1 subscription while merging in the other 4. Is there a way in Zuora/Salesforce Zquote to easily merge subscriptions to enable customers to have 1 unified account instead of 5 disparate accounts?


Re: Merging Subscriptions


We came up with this process for one Zuora customer who had a similar use case. Their end users often wanted to "merge" subscriptions and allign billing periods for the same reasons you mentioned.


Do you have a license / quantity based pricing model? If so you might want to try this process on your sandbox (you'll need to activate the LA feature "transfer invoice owner"):


1. Find the Account with the most recent Subscription start date. This will be the "merge" account.
2. Create Amendments for the other two accounts making the "merge account" the new invoice owner of their subscriptions

3. Do this for all the accounts that need to be merged.
4. Now, create cancellations for the same accounts, with contract effective date today.

5. Create an amendment for the new invoice owner, adding the number of licenses / new products cancelled in the previous step. This will allign the billing periods of all the licenses to the one you selected in the beginning (if you are adding products, they also have to be correctly configured in order to achieve this)

6. Create/Check the bill run in Zuora to make sure the prorated invoice is correct (it might look a bit crazy but the amounts should be right!)



- This can have an impact on cash flow as you might be chopping of some service period through these changes. We suggested only doing this if the customer agrees to also renew the subscriptinos through the next renewal date.

- The cancellations will show up in reporting as such


Hope this helps,




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Re: Merging Subscriptions

Thanks Andrew. I was actually playing around with this last week and did this for one of our customers and it seemed to work. I was just hoping there was a more user friendly/easier way to do it.

We'll stick with this approach unless there is something else that comes up.