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Calculating a Subscription's Paid Thru Date

I'm curious if other Zuora customers have a concept of a Paid Thru Date for their subscriptions.  We spend a considerable amount of time and resources on calculating and maintaining this date in Zuora. 


We have a custom field on the subscription level that we update with a date based on the furthermost Service Period End Date on the Invoice Items of invoices with $0 balances.  The update is triggered by a payment call out.  We just want to know what service periods the customer has paid.  We use this date to manage customer's access.  That workflow works for all the perfect use cases, where things go sideways are all the other use cases. 


We are currently looking to revamp this entire process to close the gaps where the date isn't being updated.  Looking to see how others manage this concept.  What mechanisms are you using to determine a customer's access?  Is there something that Zuora might already be doing that could give us this date already?


Re: Calculating a Subscription's Paid Thru Date

Hey @ehavens, all of our customers are current  in a perfect world.  We bill monthly so if their payment is declined we then make six additional attempts.  On the third attempt (roughly 15 days later) we suspend the account so that the user is prompted to enter updated payment information upon log in.  And on the sixth attempt we write them off and cancel the account.  Essentially the customer is always paid up to their  next bill day unless they have declined charges which shows on the account balance.


Good luck with your project, I can't wait to see what others are doing!!!




Re: Calculating a Subscription's Paid Thru Date

@rjohnson thanks for your feedback and explanation on how you manage access.  You've given me some ideas from your payment decline workflow to shut off customer access.  We have a large portion of customer who pay by check so maybe using Invoice Past Due might work in a similar way as the payment decline workflow.


Hopefully others will reply with how they manage customer access.


Thank you again for replying!