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Re: Auto-Renew to a Different SKU


Auto-Renew to a Different SKU

Hello - does anybody know if you can auto-renew a subscription to a different SKU?  We are upgrading to a new SKU and we want the auto renewal to renew the new SKU and not the one that is on the subscription currently


Re: Auto-Renew to a Different SKU

Hi @julesamos


Unfortunately, this is not possible.


In Zuora, one Product has one SKU. Therefore, "Auto-Renew to a Different SKU" means an operation to replace the Product_A (old SKU) owned by Subscription with another Product_B (new SKU).
In terms of Zuora's operation, you need to run two Amendments:

  1. Amendment to Remove the Product_A currently owned by Subscription.
  2. Amendment to Add the Product_B to Subscription.

Zuora does not have a mechanism to do this automatically.


However, although you can not "Auto", there are alternatives: Mass Order Entry
By using this function, you can do a lot of Amendment at once. Please check the Knowledge Center article from the above link.



Re: Auto-Renew to a Different SKU

@julesamos Even though Zuora doesn't support this functionality now, you should put your use case in the Idea section for Subscriptions.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IDEAS  Other members might have a similar business use cases and with enough votes, Zuora could consider implementing the idea.


I like the idea.  I'm fairly certain we would take advantage of the functionality.