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Savvy Scholar

Active subscriptions at at a point in time

Is it possible to run a report on active subscriptions at a point in time.

Eg. How many active subscription were there on 12/31/15

Valued Scholar

Re: Active subscriptions at at a point in time

When I am trying to figure out point in time data I like to export all subscriptions and then run filters based on certain dates.  I frequently will use the effective start and effective end dates to figure out how many subscriptons we were billing for at a point in time. If I wanted to know how many subscriptions we were billing for in May of 2017 I would filter out any effective start date after 5/31/2017 and filter out effective end dates prior to 6/1/2017.  Doing this will usually get me the number I am looking for.  This may not work in your use case, but I imagine the thinking would be similar.