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Re: Active rate plan report by month

Savvy Scholar

Active rate plan report by month

Hello! How do I query the Zuora database in order to create a report of active rate plan by month?


The desired result would be:

month | account id | subscription id | rate plan name | mrr | rate plan start date | rate plan end date


Thank you!

Zuora Staff

Re: Active rate plan report by month

Take a look at the 'MRR by Account' out of the box report - to be clear, this report is not what you are asking for, but it's a good starting point to quickly tweak to get what I think you are looking for. Pull up that MRR by Account report, click edit, cick on the Detail tab (ignore the default Summary tab). You'll see some of the columns you are looking for already there and you can then drag and drop in the missing ones you want. Another quick think to point out is that this report will list every active rate plan charge and not rate plan and you'll need to use the Rate Plan Charge Effective Start/End Date, there is no Rate Plan Effective Start/End date. Also this report will list all the active rate plan charges for whatever date you run the report for, the filters run for 'today'. But you can enhance the report to run for any specified date by checking the 'Ask User Later' box next to the 'Effective Start Date' and 'Effective End Date' 'Is Greater Than Today'. Don't forget to hit 'Save As'!

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