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Re: Zuora statuses should adhere to one spelling norm

Zuora statuses should adhere to one spelling norm


Currently the status for canceled subscription is *cancelled* (with a double L). Whether it is British spelling or a typo, it should be consistent with other statuses (like, for instance, the corresponding status for invoices is *Canceled*). this might lead to confusion and hard-to-catch bugs in API implementations.

As there are quite a number of current implementations already, I would suggest to support both *canceled* and *cancelled* for some time, before a breaking change could be possible.



It has always been this way - we would not like Zuora to make any changes to this - we wouldn't want to have inconsistent values on our invoice or subscription data, nor to change all of the custom code that relies on these - they are both valid spellings and it is unfortunate they were chosen differently.


Code that cancels invoices would be different anyway than code that cancels subscriptions. An API user would need to look at the allowed values for each of these fields anyway as they do not have the same list of values.

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I understand that no one should reimplement their solutions, that's why I asked that both spellings would be supported at least until the new major API version is released. that would be much more convenient for the newer implementations to have one norm throughout the product.