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Re: Manage Parent Account Mass Subscription

Manage Parent Account Mass Subscription

I faced sometimes to use cases which exist on a business with big company which have several entity.


Often, Large Company which have several entity manage annual contract with an other company for Services.


Annual Contract are sign but each entity is considered as a customer account on Zuora. In case of renewal, if the Company sign for the evolution of the contract, users have to amend each subscription for each entity. It's too long. 


There is on Zuora the parent Account, and the Invoice owner. Maybe Zuora can Manage that use case.


If Tomorrow Parent Account have a real fonction on Zuora, It could be nice to enable for parent account the ability to create subscription and clone these subcriptions for each entity with for exemple a checkbox. 

If the parent account is invoice owner, he will manage all invoices of each entity, if not, all customer account will manage there own invoices.


souscription owner.JPG

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I think this is an important feature to have when there's a parent account.  This would allow invoices to be managed in one master account where there are multiple child accounts.