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Re: Add Align to Billing Term Option

Add Align to Billing Term Option

The Billing Period Alignment options allow for "Align to Charge" and "Align to Term."  However, if you want all of your recurring charges to invoice on the same schedule, no matter what the renewal term or billing term, there is no setting.


We use "Align to Term" now and if customers have matching Billing Period and Renewal Term (Monthly billing and 1 month Renewal, for example), a mid-term change will generate a prorated invoice for the remainder of the month and then pick up all charges at the next billing period.  This works great.  But when we have a customer that has Quarterly billing period and monthly renewals for example, a mid-term change misaligns those same charges with the same settings.  Since charges are configured by Billing Frequency, we only have the ability to configure our Quarterly charge with one option.  So changes for this customer are manual every time. 

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

 Hi, can you give a specific example so we can try to reproduce?  For example, how are you configuring the two charges that are now misaligned?  What mid-term change did you do?  Does that misalignment happen in the renewal term?  Any other details would help.  Thanks.


Hi Lei,


Yes.  If you look at our recent ticket (https://support.zuora.com/hc/en-us/requests/99431), you'll see all of the details.  Happy to fill in any blanks you might have.  Let me know.



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Were you able to get an answer to this question?




No, no answers.  We're stuck with the current options, so we have to manually adjust all of the ones with that situation to a different alignment.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

Sorry, I must have missed your response a couple months ago.


Yes, this is an issue any time the billing period is longer than the renewal term, as the different charges are aligned to the term start dates of different terms.


Would aligning to the subscription start date work?


It would only work in those scenarios...but you can't set up scenarios in the product catalog..you can only choose one option for a charge.  So we chose align to Term which works in most scenarios but then when we push sub changes from salesforce (for example), they will automatically use that setting and then we would have to amend each charge to another alignment in these scenarios.