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Zuora Staff

Sandbox   : 22/Feb/2020 at 19:00 Hrs until 23/Feb/2020  02:00 Hrs PT.
Production: 14/Mar/2020 at 19:00 Hrs until  15/Mar/2020 02:00 Hrs PT.


Following activities will be carried out during the maintenance window 


  1. Infrastructure security updates and patching.
  2. Infrastructure resource rebalancing and database defragmentation.
  3. Web proxy cluster changes
  4. Ami update
  5. Apply DB security patch
  6. Apply OS patch
  7. Security group changes 

During this window Revpro systems won`t be accessible, Please plan your work accordingly.

Zuora Staff

As per the schedule, the sandbox maintenance has been completed.

Zuora Staff

Production Maintenance has been completed.