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Number of row groupings

I'm liking the report builder so far in terms of ease of use - I have a couple of questions about maximum number of row-group items:


Is the number of groupings (5) limited by the interactive/live reporting functionality - would it be possible to have a greater number of groupings, even if that switched to non-live chart updating once you went over a certain number.


Failing that, would it be possible to increase the number of groupings available - on row group, once you have all 3 tiers of the product catalogue on there, you only have two available groupings, so 5 is a little tight for anything that involves by-product reporting. If you needed to report on product and service period, you have used all available groupings on the product catalogue and the service dates.


I might be heading down thte wrong track - would a use case with that many fields always be meant to be handled in the data exports?






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Re: Number of row groupings

Hi Hywel - it's a limitation on our backend for now, but it is something that we are actively working to lift since we understand the value of having more flexibility there.


One note in the meantime is that the limit is specific to summary reports. If you click over to the detail reports tab, you can add as many fields as you like. The trade-off, of course, is that you are not able to then do the roll-up reporting within Zuora.