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Re: [Z-Reporting] Customize Invoice Aging Report with additional fields from account

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[Z-Reporting] Customize Invoice Aging Report with additional fields from account

Customers would like the ability to customize Invoice Aging Report with additional fields from account within Z-Reporting.

The report in question can be found by going to Z-Billing -> Reports -> Reporting -> Payments and Collections -> Invoice Aging Report.

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We have accounts that we will turn over to a 3rd party collection agency, but have no way of knowing which accounts have been turned over in the aging report.  We want to be able to either identify in the aging report the accounts that were turned over for collection, or be able to filter them out of the report.  

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Hi @markc789!


I notice that @RogerC has replied to your duplicate post in the Billing and Payments forum. Please check out his reponse there.




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When we release our new reporting solution later this quarter, we will be improving our report builder in ways that will let you create your own customized invoice aging report. You will be able to create custom aging buckets and filter balance due based on any field from Account or Invoice (including custom fields). Let me know if that is along the lines of what you are hoping for.

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Is there a way to filter accounts by active subscription on the aging report? 

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Status changed to: Implemented
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Updating the status here since the ability to slice invoice aging by various custom accoutn dimensions is now supported in the limited availability release of the new reporting product.


Regarding the last comment about subscriptions, let's create a separate idea thread for that. This is linked to our data model. Right now, balance and payment applications are tracked at the invoice level, but there is some work underway that would link that down to the item level (and therefore enable the connection to subscriptions).