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Re: Reporting Currency

Reporting Currency

Zuora should have a way to report in a base currency with pre-defined exchange rates (e.g. aging report in US dollars, converting Canadian dollar invoices into US dollars for report purposes). At this time, there is a third party offering some client's don't need.  We need a static.

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Hi Traci - it sounds as though this has two parts:


i. Work with converted values in reporting

ii. Define your own currency conversion rates (I'm reading into your comment about not wanting to use third party rates)


Am I understanding that correctly?


For the second part, have you looked at Zuora's ability to import your own Fx exchange rates. See KC article below.



Would that meet your needs there?


Regarding the first part, the ability to use converted values in reporting is on our roadmap, and we are planning to build that on top of this Fx capability. That's why I love to get your thoughts on whether this will give you what you need.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Being able to import currencies and have them applied to reports to consolidate all values into USD would be very useful for us.

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Right now, every consolidated report we try to run based on Subscription data has to include a step to go outside of the system and add the vlookups in excel to get the FX rates in order to get a cohesive figure.  This is key to having actionable reports out of the system, vs. having every report require manual excel effort.   This is a must have for multi-currency Zuora customers like us.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon
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Quick update here. We are planning to provide values converted to home currency in reporting as part of an upcoming limited availability release, so I'm updating our status on this. This will be based on the existing currency conversion functionality and will initially include the same fields that are supported in data source exports (listed below).