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Re: Need Rate Plan Charge Total added to Data Source

Need Rate Plan Charge Total added to Data Source

Currently in the Zuora UI there is a Data Source called Rate Plan Charge which contains summary charge level information such as Charge Name, Quantity, TCV, etc, however there is no Amount / Value field. When looking at the Rate Plan Charges within a Subscription Version there is a Total column which provides a calculated value representative of what the actual invoice charge will be (for Recurring charges), however this field does not exist in the related Data Source. This means that if I wanted to pull a report of upcoming Rate Plan Charges I would be unable to have this value available without exporting the report to excel and then creating a Calculated Field which divides the TCV by the Billing Period / Specific Billing Period, or multiplies the MRR by the Billing Period / Specific Billing Period.


It would be very useful to have the Rate Plan Charge Total available as a Data Source / Reporting field

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@bsanders - would you mind sharing a screenshot of the total that you are looking for? It would be helpful to understand more about what that is. The total amount to be charged for a given charge? The amount that will appear on the next invoice? How are you planning to use that?

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@chris Hi Chris,


Sure i am referring to the Total column at the subscription version level, this evaluates the elements which make up the rate plan charge and give a snaptshot of what the charge total value is.

Rate Plan Charge.png

Running a report against this same rate plan charge provides the following output:Rate Plan Charge Data Source.PNG


So if i wanted to run a rate plan charge level report and see what I can expect to be my total charges for a given time period or my next bill run; I would have to add a calculated column in excel which multiplies the MRR by the Specific Billing Period (2833.333 x 6) to arrive at the 17,000 value which will be the actual invoice charge when it generates.


let me know if you need any further detail and I will be happy to provide.


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Got it - thanks, that's really helpful context.


Are you using this for billing or cash projections?


I'm wondering whether you have looked at the billing preview run capability (either the API or the billing preview tool in RBM Connect)? That projects billing forward for a certain period of time across many accounts.




I'm wondering whether that could be useful in the context of what you are attempting here.

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@chris  I would be using this for both billing and subscription valuation projections. The idea would be to have a field that can be inserted into larger scope reports which include more than just invoicing data. The Billing Preview is usefull though limited in that I would need to combine multiple reports to get at my end result. The Billing Preview that I can see does not have a filter option which would allow me to filter by Revenue Recognition Rule, or our other custom subscription fields which are available through the Data Sources or Reporting tools in the front end UI

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@bsanders - what if you could link the billing preview results to related objects (invoice, account, product, etc) all in one report and could filter the result on attributes from any of those objects? I am wondering whether we could remove the limitations that make that option presently imperfect for you.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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@chris- Yes, if we could link the Billing Preview into other objects within the reporting tool that would be a good solution