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Include Discount charge on CMRR computation

Business needs:  Customer Z  thinks we have a design gap for excluding discount on CMRR computation which is an issue for them. They used to issue discounts as negative valued Products in the past and they had no problems with CMRR because the discounts was another "Product" with negative $. So when we rolled out discounts as part of the Product, it looked much cleaner and they switched. However, they now discovered this problem and they use the CMRR for a lot of reporting downstream.

Reference Number:  DE9669

Proposed solution: include Discount charge on CMRR computation

Zuora Alumni

@justdonlon - discounted contract value metrics are available as part of our Subscription Order Management capabilities and the new TCB (total contracted billing) data source.




Without enabling Subscription Order Management, you can also get the discount impact on TCV by enabling the Discount Applied Metrics data source. You can request this via support if it is not already enabled in your tenant.


Let me know if that helps?



Senior Tutor

Can we please get an update as to when this will be live?

Savvy Scholar

@chris is there any workaround for this?