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Re: France locale - issues with commas and spaces when exporting to Excel

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France locale - issues with commas and spaces when exporting to Excel

For a user with French locale, Standard Reporting exports data as follows: 1 234,40

This is the expected behavior in Zuora and is formatted correctly for French numbering standards.


However, the number is not recognized properly by 3rd party programs like Excel. To allow Excel to recognize the numbering, we need to manually change the locale of the computer to have "." as decimal seperator and we must replace a Space with a 'blank'. Then, the data can be used. 


The above process is an annoyance for the customer. We need a consistent system that can allow the user to export their data w/o having to manipulate it. 

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Hi Rolando,


Thank you for logging this idea. To follow-up on this idea, do you know what is the use case where a user would the Excel locale and Zuora locale to be different? The locale feature in Zuora was designed so that these locales would be consistent with one another.


Thank you!



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Hi Kevin, I will have the project manager chime in on this use case. He will post an update shortly. Thanks!

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Here are more details to explain the issue. A user is having in Zuora and his laptop the locale "Français (France)"

  1. for the Data Source, we have a format for amounts as: 1182.31 (The format is not dependent on Locale). The user has to change the "." by "," to be able to sum the amounts
  2. for the Reports we have a format like 65 268,39. The user needs to remove the " " (space) to sum the amounts


When the locale for both Zuora and laptop  is "English (US), there is no need for any manipulation on the files.


The customer perception now is taht the Zuora system is designed for US only.


I hope this helps understanding the situation and the international customers frustration.