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Re: Customise MRR momentum report to include product sku/rate plan charge

Customise MRR (Contracted) Reports to include product sku/rate plan charge

We would like to be able to customise the MRR (Contracted) Reports to add in product information - SKU/rate plan charges etc in order for us to get a deeper understanding & visibility of revenue & churn by product. This will also help with our supplier bill reconciliation and product profitability understanding. 


So by month we would know the start MRR, the end MRR, the gains and losses for each product with each customer within the month.


The link between Account and product already exists via different data sources but cant be added into this report as it stands 


We requested the same thing. Its looking like end of the year at best for this functionality... unless more customers push harder for it. Our (expensive) work around will likely be pulling everything into a data warehouse instead of relying on Zuora native reports. 

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That's not great to hear - we already have multiple work arounds in place and one of the key reasons for using Zuora was to add improved visibility for our transactions out of one system - very frustrating.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon
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We have been working on a new set of analytics capabilities so that you can do that same type of MRR analysis but in a much more flexible way (group by product, SKU, any custom dimension you please, etc). We'll be starting our early adopter program for that in the near future, and I'll be glad to reach out as we expand that.

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Thats great news, happy to help with any testing / feedback when required