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Zuora Staff


We are pleased to announce the Zuora April 2017 Release!  Please check out Zuora Release Notes for more details.


The planned deployment schedule is as follows:


  • APISandbox Release: 10 pm, 04/16 (Sunday), PT
  • Production Release: 10 pm, 04/24 (Monday), PT


No service disruption is expected for this release.

Great news, is there any update to the Rest Endpoints? Will you be releasing updated docs for that at the same time?
Zuora Documentation

Hi @evan, yes, we will update the REST API Reference for R211 to align with the R211 API Sandbox deployment.

Zuora Staff
Zuora Staff

Release 211 was deployed to APISandbox successfully.

Zuora Staff

Release 211 was deployed to Production successfully.