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Ramp Frequency Field

For whatever reason, by default we could not select other options for Ramp Frequency other than "Specific Months".

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.32.16 AM.png


To add the other available options:

  1. Setup > Create: Objects > Quote
  2. On the Quotes page under Record Types, click Default
  3. Under Picklists Available for Editing, edit Ramp Frequency
  4. Move all values from Available Values to Selected Values (I went ahead and set our Default to "Annual")


This was originally found and fixed in Quotes 8.4, not sure if this would be an issue in 8.6. Once I upgraded to 8.6, this issue remained fixed.




Re: Ramp Frequency Field

@jjorda29 This is a side effect of how Salesforce handles upgrades to packages. When upgrading, picklist values do not get automatically added to the record types and need to be associated manually.

Zuora Alumni

Re: Ramp Frequency Field

@Alexandra i think youve doc'ed this but if you havent make sure we do in upgrade guide.