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Quotes 8.7 and Order Metrics

Hi all,


As part of Quotes 8.7 arriving around mid May, we are going to support ingestion of the new Order Metrics coming from Orders for the first time.  I'd like to get some thoughts from the greater early adopter community on our design and some issues we are contemplating (and of course @feisley).


Fundamentally, we are introducing new concepts around:

  • TCB - Total Contracted Billing (which we think customers will use instead of Invoice Totals)
  • Discounted MRR - MRR exclusive of discounts, and a new Discount MRR figure
  • Quote Charge Summary - We are changing this object to store Order Action Metrics, which means you will receive a QCS record for every single Order Action.  E.g. if you do a Renewal and an Update, you will see two QCS records.  If you do an Add Product and an Update Product twice, you will see three QCS records.  This has big implications for what a customer prints out on the PDF.

I'd love to hear folks thoughts on 1) what they think an MRR at the Quote header should be, when you can have multiple charges with different MRRs, and 2) impacts to PDF presentment and 3) impacts to how people think about invoice totals when you have this new TCB metric.  Love to hear people's questions as well!