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Suggestions for a Boston visitor

Hi all,


I'll be in Boston for nearly 2 weeks and thought I'd ask the user group "brain trust" for some ideas of things to do around the city.  The last time I was in Boston was in July 2014 when it was really, really hot and so I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some pretty Fall colors.


Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do and eat about town?  I've already done the Freedom Trail, had chowder at the Union Oyster House, ate lobster, visited Harvard and MIT and had a Boston cream whoopie pie at Flour bakery.


Are there any museums or concerts to check out (I play oboe so I'd love to see a concert by a good East Coast orchestra)?


I'll be at the happy hour next week so feel free to chime in here or at the event.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Suggestions for a Boston visitor

It's been a while, so likely the locals can direct you even better, but the places I loved to visit when I lived in Boston area for 10 years were:

  1. Boston Common and Fanueil Hall - Boston downtown is remarkably walkable, so go for it. Want to make it sportier? You can rent roller-blades and go all over town (especially along the Charles River Esplanade).
  2. Harvard Square - yeah, they were our competition, but we still liked to hang out there, as the Harvard campus is really nice.
  3. Walden Pond - further out, you'll need to drive out here, but a gorgeous lake with great foliage and lots of history.

To eat, my favorite haunts were:

  1. Seafood @ Legal Seafoods: This is a Boston staple, just do it and get the Clam Chowda. If you want something really native though, go to No Name.
  2. Dim Sum in China town: China Pearl was what we settled on in the end, but there are just so many good choices, you can't go wrong.
  3. BBQ in Porter Square at Red Bones: best BBQ in the area, and perhaps beyond. When I'm in town, it's a stop I've gotta make.
  4. Italian @ North End: gorgeous neighborhood with great italian restaurants and desserts at Mike's Pastry.
  5. Irish Bars: can't miss that while in Boston, I'd recommend The Black Rose to get you started, sláinte!

So there, that should get folks to provide their faves. Smiley Happy

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Re: Suggestions for a Boston visitor

Oh! I forgot that Walden Pond is around there...I'll see if I can check it out this weekend :-)


We definitely want to see what's around Harvard Square/Cambridge area since things are always happening in college towns, and the Irish bars would be VERY cool to check out (tagging @Kalpesh)


Thanks @lukasz!

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." —A. A. Milne