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Change owner of Connect App

Zuora Staff

Change owner of Connect App


How can we change the owner of a Connect App which we've set up? The original owner of the app has left the company, so we need to change the user to an API User.


Log out of Zuora and log in directly to https://connect.zuora.com with your Connect account.

Once logged in, on the left-hand side under My Connect, click on Tenants.
You should see a number of Tenant Logins.


When you scroll over one of them, either the Sandbox or Production one, you should see the option to click on the Apps button.
Once you click on that, in the top-right hand corner click on the Apps tab.

You will then see a list of Apps that are running against that Tenant, either Sandbox or Production depending on which one you previously clicked on.
When you hover over one of the Apps, you will see an Edit Task button, which has a pencil icon.


If you click on that, you will have the option to edit the user credentials for that Task to the API User which is the strongly recommended approach, as it prevents the password from expiring.

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