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Zuora Staff

06/21/19 UPDATE: This maintenance will proceed as scheduled for the Sandbox environment only. We will not be moving Production traffic at this time.


During final implementation of the equivalent change in our standby environments on Thursday, June 20, we discovered a service interruption of 30-60 seconds. Due to this, we will schedule the Production maintenance for a date approximately 3 weeks from now. The new date and time will be decided and announced by Wednesday, June 26, with a minimum of 2-3 weeks of advanced notice prior to the implementation.


In order to increase network capacity, security, and reliability we will be conducting a network maintenance in our US Production and Sandbox datacenter on Friday, June 21, 2019 from 9:00PM PDT to 11:00PM PDT. Actual impact is expected to be less than 2 minutes.


We will be moving traffic to new firewall infrastructure, which has been pre-configured and prepared to take network traffic. When the transition is made, existing sessions will be closed. New sessions can be re-established within 2 minutes.


API and UI availability will be briefly affected. RevPro services will not be affected.


A maintenance status message will be posted upon completion of the activity.

Zuora Staff

This notice has been updated to note the change in scope to include ONLY Sandbox.

Zuora Staff

The maintenance activity is starting as scheduled. Sandbox only. We expect activities that may cause a brief interruption to occur approximately 1 hour into the 2 hour window. A follow-up notice will be posted when the maintenance and post-validation testing has completed.

Zuora Staff

Post-maintenance functional and performance testing completed and no issue found.