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Salesforce/Zuora/Box/DocuSign/NetSuite integration


Salesforce/Zuora/Box/DocuSign/NetSuite integration

We have a process we are attempting to streamline where a deal is originally recorded as an opportunity in Salesforce that requires the integration of DocuSign to get the deal signed along with Z-Quoting. Once the deal is finalized the Z-Quote is pushed to Zuora and the contract is stored in Box. Zuora then pushes the information into NetSuite for reporting. Given this whole process only a couple of these systems actually talk to each other:





Outside of these two independent relationships none of the systems mentioned ever interact with each other without human manipulation. Any thoughts here?



Zuora Support

Re: Salesforce/Zuora/Box/DocuSign/NetSuite integration



At the moment your integration can be set up using Zuora products via the following steps.


  • In Salesforce, DocuSign app can integrate with Zuora Quotes via a custom integration.  You can reach out to your Account Exective or Customer Success Manager to help you engage with our Global Services Team for implementing this integration.
  • Once quotes are electronically signed via DocuSign, they can be sent to Zuora.
  • In Zuora, you can set up scheduled NetSuite Sync to sync your customer data to NetSuite.

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