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Unable to delete journal run

Zuora Support
Zuora Support

Unable to delete journal run


When trying to delete journal run, status changed to "Status Cancel in progress" but changed to "Completed" soon, without cancellation and without error. 

Why it's unable to delete journal run?



This is because the Journal Entry has been transferred to the accounting system and cannot be canceled.

The "transferred to accounting" flag being set to yes for Journal Runs created by the GL Connector App, which is standard functionality of the GL connector to create the journal entries with the transferred to accounting flag set to yes. When it creates journal entries on a scheduled basis, it creates them in a transferred to accounting status so that they can be reported off of within a given accounting period. This is by design. If these journal entries were not marked with this status, someone would need to manually flip it for each journal entry.

Please check your general ledger and cancel the corresponding journal entry in the external accounting system. There will be a discrepancy between Zuora and external accounting system if it's only canceled in Zuora. 
After that, you can unlock each journal run by updating from Yes, either to No, Error, or Ignore. Once the Journal Entries have been updated from Yes, the Journal Run can be canceled and deleted. Here is the article that discusses this under the View or Edit Section of the article towards the bottom of the page.


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