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Netsuite Tenant Connect URL

Zuora Staff

Netsuite Tenant Connect URL

Hi All,

Noticed that the NetSuite Tenant login in Connect/Marketplace has URL set to https://5510110.suitetalk.api.netsuite.com


My old existing NetSuite Tenant URL is https://webservices.netsuite.com 


Is https://5510110.suitetalk.api.netsuite.com the new URL. If so do we need to update to the old Tenant logins? 

New urlNew urlOld UrlOld Url

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Zuora Staff

Re: Netsuite Tenant Connect URL

Hi Gayendra,


This change does not impact the Zuora Connector for NetSuite UI at all so nothing will need to be updated on the user end.


Thank you,


Tyler Schemmel
Product Manager, Payments