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Trial Balance Report (Accounting Period) - Autorun or Auto-Scheduler



We need to run the Trial Balance Report in Zuora every Tuesday at 5:30am AEST. Since we perform the activities out of India, we have to log in early just to run this report. Also, it takes a long time to generate the report when we initiate it from India (refer ticket (#87843) & (#87945)).


Hence the request is to have an enhancement to be able to auto schedule this report at a specified time at a specified frequency.


Please help us by adding this feature to the Zuora interface.


Thank you,


Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

Venu, would you mind sharing why you need to run the trial balance report exactly at 5:30am?


In our April release, we will release an API to kick off the trial balance run.  So while this is not out of the box scheduling capability, you will have a chance to schedule it outside the system by using the API to trigger the trial balance run.



Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

My mistake, we actually don't have an API to kick off trial balance in April release.  What we are doing in April release is the ability to do email and call out notification upon trial balance start and completion.

Savvy Scholar

This feature would be useful, for the trial balance to be run and summary emailed to the relevant person/s.


This removes an unnecessary manual step of having to log in to zuora, find the right place (which can be difficult to remember each month for those that are unfamiliar with the UI), wait for the trial balance to complete and then download the report.  This doesn't take too long, but is a barrier to getting the trial balance done on time when the finance deparment is busy and has a lot of work to do.   


Removing this step would help to automate the manual processing around month end.