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Re: Recognized Revenue Report through API Call

Recognized Revenue Report through API Call

Detail report on Recognized Revenue is a canned report that can be pulled via URL : https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CC_Finance/Revenue_Recognition/X_Accounting_Period_Revenue_Detail
Would it be possible to make  REST API call for this data to pull into data table(s). Please implement this idea.

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This would be very useful for us so that we would not have to manually download this report and all the other accounting period reports such as the AR Rollforward and AR Aging reports every month. These reports are all used in our monthly close process. We have a large tenant so these take considerable time to download and open. They also now are exceeding the file limits in Excel. It would be great to see these as datasources which we could extract via REST API calls into external BI reporting tools such as Domo or Tableau.