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Re: Ability to aggregate volume usage across an enterprise

Ability to aggregate volume usage across an enterprise

1 Summary of the enhancement?

Allow rate calculation for volume based rate plans to be based on the aggregate of the quantities of all child accounts.

2. What is the business problem?

We use volume based recurring pricing models.
Our enterprise customers want to aggregate the total quantity subscribed to across the enterprise in order to calculate the appropriate volume pricing level, but have separate charges for each department.
e.g. if we have volume pricing levels for up to 100 widgets at $10 per widget;
100 to 200 widgets at $7 per widget for all widgets.

If company has department A with 50 widgets, department B with 90 widgets, they want to receive an invoice with all quantities priced at $7 per widget (which would be the recurring price if departments A and B's volume was combined), but separate line items for department A ($7 x 50) and department B ($7 x 90).

What is the business impact?

Without this ability, we have to bill such clients outside of Zuora.  Which leads to manual work on our side, and of course removes our biggest customers from being billed through Zuora, which impacts the use of the Zuora reports, etc (and of course reduces Zuora's revenue based on our billing)

What is the proposed solution?

For child accounts, when defining a subscription, allow the selection of a subscription from the parent account.  Quantity is reported in the child accounts, but the billing quantity is aggregated for all child accounts sharing the same subscription; the appropriate rate calculated; and the apportioned amount applied to the child account subscriptions. (The child account could be an informational invoice, of zero dollar, to avoid double billing.)



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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

This feature would help us eliminate a ton of manual work! We have many accounts in which we have to manually aggregate usage. 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Has a solution to this ever bene created? We have a similar need