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Re: AR Statement / AR Summary - Status changed to: Under Consideration

AR Statement / AR Summary

We would love a true AR statement or AR Summary that not just shows past due items but all open items on a customer account.  So that on the first of the month a statement could be generated for all accounts and sent to them.  If the invoices automatically attached to this statement that would be even better.  You find with customers invoices, even with email, they just get lost, so the AR statement serves as a heads up even before something becomes past due for an AP dept to check to make sure they have all open items thus reducing the receipt cycle time

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Status changed to: Under Consideration



This is a great idea. I'll think about this for a future release. Thanks!



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@nharlow - Any update on customer AR statements?  I see in another post you said Q3 2016 for releasing this feature. 

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Hi @Janine,


We are currently in the design phase on a customer statement feature. We are currently targeting delivery in 2017, though the exact schedule is still TBD. Thanks.


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Hi team - checking in on this design for a customer statement feature, is there an estimated delivery date? Thank you. 


Is this available yet?  I would love to have this feature/report