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[REST] event parameters missing when creating Orders notifications in UI



When dealing with creating Orders notifications in UI, the Event Parameters option is missing. 




This is expected behavior and by design that you do not see "Event Parameters" when creating a new Orders Notification in UI. 

However, you can create an Orders Notification with an event parameter through REST API. You can create your event parameters using the filter rules field. Please see this endpoint https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/POST_Create_Notification_Definition


Below is a sample working code where you can produce an Orders notification through API


"active": true, 
"eventTypeName": "OrderActionProcessed", 
"name": "Sample notification", 
"description": "A new Order Action has been submitted to cancel a subscription", 
"communicationProfileId": "[Insert your communication profile ID here]", 
"emailTemplateId": null, 
"eventTypeNamespace": "com.zuora.notification", 
"callout": { 
"active": true, 
"eventTypeNamespace": "com.zuora.notification", 
"name": "Sample notification", 
"description": Cancel subscription notification",  
"calloutParams": { 
"AccountAccountNumber": "<Account.AccountNumber>", 
"AccountId": "<Account.Id>", 
"OrderId": "<Order.Id>", 
"DefaultPaymentMethodType": "<DefaultPaymentMethod.Type>" 
"httpMethod": "POST", 
"requiredAuth": true, 
"calloutAuth": { 
"username": "zuora", 
"password": "hidden", 
"domain": "", 
"preemptive": false 
"calloutRetry": false, 
"contentType": "APPLICATION_JSON" 
"filterRule": { 
"description": "Sample notification", 
"eventTypeName": null, 
"condition": "OrderAction.Type == _ORDER_ACTION_TYPE", 
"parameters": { 
"displayName": "Type", 
"description": "The type of the order action", 
"options": [ 
"valueType": "STRING" 
"filterRuleParams": { 
"_ORDER_ACTION_TYPE": "CancelSubscription" 
"emailActive": false, 
"calloutActive": true 

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Savvy Scholar

Re: [REST] event parameters missing when creating Orders notifications in UI

Super valuable to have this example out here.  Good job Hung.  Also, for those that have lots of communication profile IDs, you can simplify your workload by doing this from workflow.  Let the first workflow task be a query of all the communication profile IDs you have, then do an Iterate task and then a Callout Notification to the REST URL using oath.  Use the communicationprofileID data parameter as an input into the REST call.


Then just run the workflow and you can generate these in mass.