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Webinar on Swiss VAT rate change

Zuora Staff

Webinar on Swiss VAT rate change



As a Zuora finance SME, I want to make sure that our customers are kept up-to-date with the latest changes in the finance world. The upcoming VAT rate change in Switzerland in 2018 will bring up the question of how you should setup your yearly invoices spanning 2017-2018. 


I'll be hosting a webinar to cover these changes Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 at 7am PT / 3pm UK time and will cover all of the steps that you’ll need to cover to ensure that your invoices will reflect this change.


This is a webinar you won't want to miss especially if you have Swiss customers.  Read more about it and learn how to sign up for the webinar here.


If you cannot make this webinar time, we will post the video and steps to the community in that blog post so be sure to subscribe to it.


See you on the 25th!

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Re: Webinar on Swiss VAT rate change

Include me please

Honor Student

Re: Webinar on Swiss VAT rate change

Great !! Thank you ver much for your time.

Would be possible maybe also to have a Swiss Zuora user group so I could get in contact with another clients and maybe share with them direct info hwo they gonna deal with that problem / when they gonna implement it / and how they will deal with invoices that has alreday been created.



Lana Grozdanic - bexio AG

Community Manager

Re: Webinar on Swiss VAT rate change

Thanks @suenind and @Lana1985! I've added your name to @monique's post.  Please let me know if you didn't get an invitation.


@Lana1985: That's a great idea! I'll look into finding a way to connect you with any Swiss clients or at least some of the others who are attending Monique's webinar so all of you can collaborate with each other on the rate change.

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Re: Webinar on Swiss VAT rate change

Please be as kind as to include me, too.