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API Changelog Discussion

We have disabled comments to the API Changelog. Instead, you can provide your comments on the API Changelog in this post. Thanks!


Re: API Changelog

Brillient work thanks for this! 


Looking forward to see this progress. 


I'm a little confused around the header zuora-version. Can you elaborate on this concept? 


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Re: API Changelog

@evan, you can find more information about zuora-version in the Minor Version section in the API Reference. Thanks!

Zuora Staff

Re: API Changelog

The updated docs portal looks great and loads so quickly ! Thank you !!


docs portal.jpg


Re: API Changelog Discussion

I am having trouble seein the api changelog in the proper order - is there a view that starts with the most recent one? When I see the one for Octoner 2019 - I am not able to get to the previous ones with paging.  It jumps to older ones - there are several more [posts for 2019 and I am frustrated trying to see current state..apilog.JPG

Maggie Longshore
Zuora Documentation

Re: API Changelog Discussion

Hi Maggie,


Thanks for pointing out this issue. From the second post onward, the changelog is sorted in chronological order. If you want to read the changelog in reverse chronological order, go to the last page and scroll down to the bottom.


Since it's a bit confusing, we added the explanation in the API changelog. We will figure out a better way for people to navigate the previous changelog posts in the future.