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Data Migration Tips & Tricks

Zuora Staff

Data Migration Tips & Tricks

  1. " The Contact in line 2 must have an associated Account " for this error what will be the issue
  2. Exception Starts error 
These errors are due to file format issue check whether the file is in CSV comma-delimited not in other CSV format. In this file format if a comma is included in the file it should be encoded by " file can be edited in notepad++ to encode Ex "Amend, Sub"
  1. Discount amount not updated properly 
Charge Type in the load file should be Discount 
  1. Price not updated properly
Charge type and charge model value should be an appropriate spacing character

Re: Data Migration Tips & Tricks

I have the same issue and the same root cause, I fixed it in this way:

1. Create a file with the correct format for all data, save the file with a type CSV (Comma delimited)

2. Save again with type CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)

3. Save again with a type CSV (Comma delimited)

4. Import the file and it works