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Renaldo Zuora SME

Zuora SME

Promo Code Management App


The ability to override price and billing frequency, in addition to adding discounts would be very helpful in building campaigns/promotions.


In a campaign, there is often a mix of rate plans and charges.  Specific charge prices are often reduced when they form part of a bundle.  A discount is then applied over the top of the reduced price.


As a further step/enhancment, it would be great to add the Price Books (app) to campaigns, which would achive similar to the request above.

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Emmanuel Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

With the new CM/DM functionality reaching LA stage this month, client willing to switch to it (or start using it) AND needing sequential invoice numbering will not be able to generate sequential sequences for posted CM/DM... 

This is a gap in the overall functionality...


You may say: yes, but then they already have different sequences for Invoice and CM/DM... which was one of the reason why they needed invoice numbering before (ie, to differentiate sequences of <0 and >0 invoices)... so, now they don't need invoice numering anymore...


I'd say: nope... because invoices as well and CM/DM can be cancelled, and this would create gaps in sequences... so a need for the ability to create true sequences for Posted document remains...