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Zuora Community News | January 2018

Community Manager

Happy Birthday Zuora Community!


Guess what? It’s our birthday!

The Community turns 2 years old this month and we couldn’t have done all that we’ve done so far without all of our customers and partners who’ve participated in the Community - making it the #1 stop for Zuora users.


Last year, we saw the advent of


What’s Next?

In our 3rd year, we’ll be bringing more programs to help create awesome opportunities for you:

  • This coming February, we’ll be launching our SME Sessions program where you can continue learning about specific Zuora topics from our Subject Matter Experts. We’ll be holding live and sharing pre-recorded sessions just for you. This is a group you’ll want to join!
  • We want to reward the Community’s power users in the best way we know how...with perks and other snazzy benefits. Have ideas on what swag we should consider for this program? We want to hear about it!
  • So you’re not a power user yet, but you’d like to become one. Our Community Bootcamp will help get you there!
  • When Leeyo joined Zuora last June, we knew that we’d be welcoming RevPro customers in to the fold here in the Community. We’ll be launching a RevPro forum and be holding live user groups in San Francisco.
  • Perhaps you’ve become Zuora Admin Certified and are looking for new opportunities. Our Job Board is the place for companies to share open positions requiring Zuora.

*Phew* There’s a lot going on here and again, I want to express my gratitude for all that you do in the Community. Here’s to another (and many more) amazing years!