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Re: Community Spotlight: Levon Stepanian

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Levon Stepanian is one of our Senior Technical Operations Managers at Zuora and you've probably seen some of his posts in our new engineering blog.  We asked Levon a few questions about Zuora, TechOps and more:


1. How do you explain your job at Zuora to other people?
Fun question!  I recently switched to a new role; I was previously responsible for Zuora’s MySQL database infrastructure.  At a high level, my new role involves Customer Centric Planning & Ops  - the best way way to describe my job is that I’ll own and drive Ops Business Capacity Planning , and as part of the role, I’ll be the primary Business Partner for other groups at Zuora including finance, sales, global services and marketing.


2. What was the career path that led you to Zuora?
I’m a software engineer by means of my education.  My career journey has seen me take on various individual contributor and management roles.  My first real job was a software development role with IBM’s Just-in-time Java compiler team over a decade ago in Canada: I worked on a high performance team doing some incredibly innovative things with runtime compilers.  The role at IBM helped me gain a fundamental understanding and appreciation of how programming languages work and interact with hardware.  Fast forward a few jobs and roles to today, where I’m entering my fifth year at Zuora, and starting a new role in Ops.  

In terms of whether what I’m doing now is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I’d say that about half of the roles I’ve held in my career were planned for.


3. What do you love about your job here at Zuora?
It doesn’t feel like a job.  I pretty much feel the same today as I did on my first day at Zuora - that feeling of being a part of something special, being able to contribute to it and watching it grow and become a successful venture.


4. What's your favorite thing about working at Zuora? Do you have a favorite Zuora memory?
The people and how we collaborate together.  Besides my immediate team, we have great folks across all of the organizations trying to do something special here.

In terms of a favorite memory - there are a lot of good ones, and it wouldn’t be fair to pick just one!


5. What is your average day like at Zuora?

No two days are alike, but in general, one of the habits I try to maintain is to constantly prioritize and pick at most one or two items that I want to complete on any given day.  Given the amount of things going on everyday, my thinking is if I can get one or two things done a day, I will feel a sense of accomplishment.  Also, all the small things add up to big things at the end.


6. How is Zuora’s Technical Operations team different than other Technical Operations teams you’ve worked with?

I’ve never worked on any other Ops team before, so it’s hard to answer this question.  As an aside, one of the unexpected career moves I did make a few years ago was moving over from Engineering into Ops and I’ve never looked back 🙂

Learn more about Levon in our Zuora Q&A:


1. What’s one thing that you’ve always wanted to try?
I’ve always wanted to go diving with great white sharks.  It’s something I plan on doing at some point in my life, a bucket list item I guess.  


2. If you could do another job for one day, what would it be?
I’d like to try out a job in corporate accounting or finance.  It’s my wife’s area of expertise, and something I’m really interested in learning more about and applying it to my domain of Ops.

3. How do you spend your time outside of Zuora?
I try to spend as much time as I can with my wife and two children while not engaged with work.


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@levons - it is always a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your drive for excellence and passion for the customer experience with Z. Above all, you are a great guy! 


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Zuora Alumni

Loved reading this profile. We're all privileged to have you at Zuora, Levon. You represent everything that is great about this company

Zuora Support Moderator

Great spotlight article. Thanks for sharing, Levon!